Friday, February 4, 2011

Advice for my Granddaughter

Advice for my Granddaughter
Britnye Vela, Age 10
January, 2011
By Robert A. Hall

The world will break your heart, my girl,
Embrace it anyway.
You were a gift from God to us,
To turn despair away.

Enjoy each day you live, my girl,
For joy was made for you.
We see it in your happy smile
And everything you do.

Now live a life of honor, girl,
Of hope and faith and trust,
For duty's just a word for love,
And doing what you must.

Now live for something great, my girl,
For something more than self,
True happiness in service lies--
That is the only wealth.

Now live a life of learning, girl,
And read a book a week,
For knowledge is the Holy Grail,
You'll never cease to seek.

Now be a friend of truth, my girl,
And judge folk by their deeds,
For empty words are honeyed traps,
And lies are evil's seeds.

Don't live to make us proud, my girl,
But live so you are proud
Of everything you do in life--
And shun the evil crowd.

If reputation's lost, my girl,
Then life is but regrets,
So make your word your bond, my girl,
And always pay your debts.

If God is good to you, my girl,
And children come your way,
Don't pass support to someone else,
But parent every day.

Don't live for just today, my girl,
Or you will soon be bored,
The things in life worth having are
The things you work toward.

We do not wish you riches, girl,
By greed are many wrecked,
Contentment only comes to those
Who live with self respect.

We do not wish you ease, my girl,
Existence free of strife,
But all the joy that's found within
The purpose driven life.