Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I listen through the solitude
by cupping hand to ear,
to ghostly whispers borne from youth,
or is it just the wind I hear?

I wander past a fallow field
that once was winter wheat,
and soon a fragrance draws me
like a perfume touched by heat.

Toward a path lined thick with wildflowers,
among the songs of birds so clear;
thank God the noise of modern life
cannot touch me here.

As I kneel to touch the untamed earth
and breathe in this pungent air,
I wonder—was it just the wind,
or did those whispers guide me here?

--by Sandy Raschke

From Prevailing Winds, a Collection of Country and Nature Poems.
12 pgs. $5, personally signed, includes postage. Contact: for details. Sandy Raschke is the Fiction
and Markets Editor of Calliope, A Writer’s Workshop by Mail.

Posted by Bob Hall with Sandy's permission. I've enjoyed her writing in Calliope, so purchased a copy of Prevailing Winds when it came out. I wasn't disappointed.